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Registration Overview


Use the age chart (Age Chart) to register your child in the correct age group. There is a spot on the registration form to request a specific team, buddy, or coach. Register with their Legal Name-do not use nicknames and include the full hyphenated last name if it applies.

NEW PLAYERS will need to send a copy of their state issued birth certificate, passport, or driver's license. Hospital certificates cannot be accepted. You can scan and email these to your area registrar. If you need to order a birth certificate, you can find that information at for Washington State. You cannot play in games until this is received so be sure to send it in quickly!

SPECIAL REQUESTS-please do not request a specific practice day or location. The coaches set up their practices close to April 1st. We do not know when and where teams will be practicing.

UNIFORMS: U5-U8 players will be issued a t-shirt at no additional fee. U9 and older players will need a club issued uniform kits ($50). These fees will be added to your registration costs.

IMPORTANT: Coaches will need to have a background check done at not cost to you. You will need to register to coach through  Blue Sombrero and complete a National Background check through affinty soccer to create an account and register - you will need your Driver's License and the Expiration date.

Recreational Soccer

Vancouver West Soccer Club is a non-profit organization that encourages the sport of youth soccer in a enjoyable and welcoming environment. The club is affiliated with Southwest Washington Youth Soccer Association (SWYSA) in District 5, which is part of the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA). WSYSA belongs to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). We follow FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) rules as modified by WYSA and CYSF.

Last year at VWSC, we had approximately 85 teams with over 800 boys and girls playing at the recreational soccer level.

Recreational soccer provides a fun soccer experience for all players. Recreational soccer at Vancouver West Soccer Club begins at age 4 (normally referred to as U5, see our age chart for more information). The focus of recreational soccer is to build soccer skills in a fun, safe environment. At Vancouver West Soccer Club U5 through U8 inter-league with other clubs. U9 teams and older play teams throughout Southwest Washington Youth Soccer Association (SWYSA) (see the Links page for more information on SWYSA), this includes the following neighboring clubs: Pacific Soccer Club, Washinton Timbers Futbol Club, and Salmon Creek Soccer Club. U-9 and above teams are grouped by experience in an attempt to match similarly-skilled teams, adjustments are made halfway through the season as needed to help ensure a fun season for all players.

Vancouver West Soccer Club generally serves the following schools or students in this area:

  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Eisonhower Elementary
  • Lakeshore Elementary
  • Sacajawea Elementary
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Hazel Dell Elementary
  • Fruit Valley Elementary
  • Hough Elementary
  • Sarah J Anderson Elementary
  • Kings Way

Your child can start playing soccer with Vancouver West Soccer Club at age 4.

Participation is broken into age groups designated as U5 through U19 ("U" meaning under) the age specified by the year they were born. ex. "G05" is U13

The recreational Fall season begins with practice sessions in August (scheduled by the coach), with games beginning in September, normally following Labor Day; Spring season begins with practice sessions in March (scheduled by the coach), with games beginning in April, following Spring break.

We encourage our families to help the club by volunteering as a coach, assistant coach, board member, referee, or team parent. Please check our website for our current openings. Contact our Board for more information and directions on ways to get involved in this wonderful sport.

More information is available throughout our website. Please take the time to investigate the information here and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our soccer offerings.


VWSC Uniforms   -  Coordinator Julie Genz j[email protected]

FAQ regarding Vancouver West Soccer Club Uniforms

Does my player need a uniform?

Yes! Kids playing U5-U8 are provided tee shirts. The cost of tee shirts has been included for this registration age group (only). A new tee shirt will be provided every season (colors may vary).

Kids playing U9 and above MUST PURCHASE A KIT the first time they play with the club. Kits cost $44 and should be ordered and paid for at registration. Our current vendor is GearFC, and our jerseys are Gioca.

See the bottom of the page for example pictures of uniforms.

What do the U5-U8 players need in addition to the tee shirt provided?

Families must supply black soccer shorts (NO pockets!), soccer socks and soccer cleats. The team and/or coach will determine what socks to have the team wear (players must all look alike on the field).

May we add names or numbers to the jerseys and tee shirts?

No! No additions are allowed to the tee shirts or jerseys. Numbers will be provided on the jerseys. If tee shirts or jerseys are altered, players will need to pay for replacement items.

How often do we need to replace the kit?

After the initial purchase, new kits are only needed if the players damages, out grows or loses a part of the kit.

What is included with the kits (U9 and above)?

Kits include a “home” jersey (black), an “away” jersey (lime), a pair of shorts and a pair of socks.

May separate pieces of the kit be purchased?

Yes, all of the pieces may be purchased individually. The socks come free with the purchase of the complete kit. Jerseys are $17.50 each, shorts are $11 and socks are $6.50. Tax is included in these prices. Players provide their own soccer cleats/shin guards.

Can we just use similar colors and not use club uniforms?

No! We must follow our soccer league rules, and all of the players on a team must look alike on the field in our league approved Club uniforms.

When will the tee shirts/kits be ready?

Uniforms will be picked up by the coaches usually the week or so before the first game of the season and will distribute them to the team.

We didn’t order a kit at registration and now we see we need one. What do I do?

Contact the Van West Uniform Coordinator, Julie Genz, at [email protected].
Please state what size is needed for your player (YM, YL, YXL, AS, AM, AL or AXL) and what team your player is on.

How do we pay for a kit ordered late?

If you missed ordering a uniform during registration, payment will need to be made in cash or check (made out to Vancouver West Soccer Club).Payment is required before kits can be delivered. Pick up of late orders will need to be arranged with the uniform coordinator (see contact information above). Frequently coaches help with this, too.

Can I exchange kits or tee shirts if my player got the wrong size?

Absolutely, as long as all tags are on the items and they have not been used! Please try everything on before wearing them in a game. Contact the uniform coordinator (see above) to let her know what is needed. It is possible to try on any item to see what size works best for your player. Players may also request different sizes within a kit, for example a YL pair of shorts with AS jerseys.

Can my player request a number for their jersey?

Numbers can be requested but are not guaranteed. With over 600 players in the club it is not possible to do this. The uniform coordinator will always attempt to make an effort to do this, but please do not expect it to happen. Right now, our registration interface will not take requests, but this should be worked out in the near future. Additionally, the coordinator works to keep players in unique numbers to minimize repeats on a particular team. It is interesting to wee how different age groups pick popular numbers to request.

Are items available for purchase at the Jason Lee concession stand?

When the stand is open (Saturdays typically), shorts and socks are typically available for purchase. Jerseys are NOT available at the stand. To be safe, plan ahead and contact the uniform coordinator (see contact information above).

How can I order fan gear?

We have a couple options.
GearFC fan wear is available for purchase via this LINK. They have the standard VWSC logo.
Additionally, apparel items (tee shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies and baseball caps) with the mini mod VWSC logo can be ordered thru our uniform coordinator.


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