Registration Events
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    Registration Overview


    Use the age chart (Age Chart) to register your child in the correct age group. There is a spot on the registration form to request a specific team, buddy, or coach. Register with their Legal Name-do not use nicknames and include the full hyphenated last name if it applies.

    NEW PLAYERS will need to send a copy of their state issued birth certificate, passport, or driver's license. Hospital certificates cannot be accepted. You can scan and email these to your area registrar. If you need to order a birth certificate, you can find that information at for Washington State. You cannot play in games until this is received so be sure to send it in quickly!

    SPECIAL REQUESTS-please do not request a specific practice day or location. The coaches set up their practices close to April 1st. We do not know when and where teams will be practicing.

    UNIFORMS: U5-U8 players will be issued a t-shirt at no additional fee. U9 and older players will need a club issued uniform kits ($44). These fees will be added to your registration costs.

    IMPORTANT: Coaches will need to have a background check done at not cost to you. You will need to register to coach through Bonzi and complete a National Background check through affinty soccer to create an account and register - you will need your Driver's License and the Expiration date.

    Vancouver West registrar: Rachelle Beatty -

    Mailing address
    mailing address: P.O. Box 65622 Vancouver WA 98665