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Referee FAQ's

Listed below is new referee certification and upgrade information. Refereeing is a great way to earn some money and help the players have a great game experience! Referee mentoring is available with some really top notch area referfees. If you are interested and sign up - please let me know. Join our great group of referees now! Tell your friends, neighbors and teammates - adults and youth welcome to join! Coached - tell your players and parents. Parents - tell your kids!

What year will be on my badge?
As of 2013, you will need to recertify every year. After the first year
you can only referee in the year stated on your badge.

What is recertification?
Every referee must recertify every year by getting 5 hours of continuing development
and passing the test. The cost of annual recertification is $60. There will be local
opportunities to get your CD hours.

Where can I referee?
Anywhere in the United States but you might first try your local soccer club. Look at
their website for referee information. The recreational clubs REALLY need officials!

Can I referee for more than 1 club?

How much will I be paid?
Depends on how many games you do at what age level. Each club pays slightly different
rates. Ask the assignors or see if the rates are posted on club website.

Where can I buy the uniform and other equipment?

Athlete's Corner
8014 Northeast 13th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98665-9605
(360) 573-0298

Corner Kick
9047 Northeast Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97220-5863
(503) 254-6066

Will the club pay for my uniform and Registration fees?
Some do and some don't. Most want you do a minimum # of games before they
reimburse you for the cost of the clinic and uniform. Check with your local club by
asking the assignor.

What age level can I referee?
The rule of thumb is for the referee to be at least 2 years older than the players. The
assignor will determine where they think you will be the most successful and confident.

What does grade level have to do with it?
This does NOT correspond to school grade. The highest referee grade is GRADE 1.

Do I have to attend every session of an ELC?
Yes, but there is some flexibility. If you miss one or more of the sessions you can take
just those missed sessions at another ELC.

Is there a local referee association?
Yes, Columbia Soccer Referee Association.
There is a lot of information on the website. The association also provides referees for
premier and adult matches.

Who can I contact with other questions about becoming a referee?

Jill Derry

How can I contact my local club assignor?

Vancouver West Soccer Club Assignor
Kristin Baldwin
Game Assignments

Vancuver West Soccer Club uses Oregon Soccer Central for it's game assignment software. OSC has many advantages for both the referee and the club. The Referee has the ability to see games from all clubs that he/she has been added to. Some referees want to see many games and are attached to many clubs while some will just have a couple of clubs to officiate for. Submitting a request to be added to a club is quick and easy. For soccer clubs, it is a huge advantage having many referees looking at their games each weekend. Vancouver West Soccer Club uses the self assignment method which means you can log into your account periodically and see what new games have been added and "self-assign" to games you want. OSC is free to the officials that use it. You can look at our pay scale or that of any other organization right from the homepage. Each age pays differently so be sure to check out the age you are interested in. Create your member account now at Oregon Soccer Central

Mailing address
mailing address: P.O. Box 65622 Vancouver WA 98665