Mod Soccer

What is "modified soccer" or "small sided soccer"?

The terms "modified soccer" or "mini-mod" soccer simply refer to the modified rules meant to accommodate younger soccer players. All U-5 through U-12 teams are modified. One of the modifications is reduced players on the field (U-5 has 3; U-6/U-7 has 4; U-8 has 5; U-9/U-10 has 7; U-11/U-12 has 9), to allow players to have more experience with the ball. The field size is reduced, and some of the rules are also modified: U-5 through U-8 may play quarters instead of halves; etc. These modified rules are recommended by Washington State Youth Soccer Association and are the same throughout most of Washington.

How often and where are practices? Games?

Practices vary by coach, although most coaches have 2, one-hour practices per week. Many coaches drop down to 1 practice per week later in the season. Practices (and home games) are held at one of our fields: Jason Lee Middle School, Lakeshore Elementary, Sacajawea Elementary, Franklin Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Hazel Dell Elementary School, and Fruit Valley Elementary School.

Games are held on Fridays (at least two) and Saturdays. Each team will get up to 9 games during the fall season. Approximately 1/2 of the games will be at one of the Vancouver West Soccer Club home fields. The rest will be at the opponent's home fields which range from HB Fuller, to Jason Lee Middle School Note: U-5 through U-8 teams inter-league with Salmon Creek Soccer Club and Pacific Soccer Club to increase the variety of competition.

How many players are on a team/field?

For modified soccer (U5 - U12):

  • U5 teams roster size 6 players maximum; players on the field 3 (no goalies)
  • U6/U7- teams roster sizes 8 players maximum; players on the field 4 (no goalies)
  • U8 teams roster size 10 players maximum; players on the field 5 (one of which is a goalie)
  • U9/U10 teams roster size 12 players maximum; players on the field 7 (one of which is a goalie)
  • U11/U12 teams roster size 14 players maximum; players on the ield 9 (one of which is a goalie)
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